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Agnyaathavaasi pre-sales in US

Agnyaathavaasi pre-sales in US

trivikram Srinivas’ Agnyaathavaasi (Agnathavasi) has collected $626,000 at the US box office 42 hours before its premiere and beaten the record of Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gaggar Singh (SGS), which minted $616,000.

Trivikram Srinivas’ Agnyaathavaasi (Agnathavasi) has set up a new record with its wonderful pre-sales at the US box office. It has beaten the premieres’ record of Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gabbar Singh (SGS).

Agnyaathavaasi is undoubtedly one of the most-awaited Telugu movies of 2018. Ever since it was launched, the film has been creating positive vibes in the media. Its promos have not only impressed the filmgoers but have also gone viral and trended on the social media several times.

Agnyaathavaasi is scheduled for grand worldwide release on January 10. With two days away from its release, the Pawan mania and the hysteria surrounding the film has touched a new level and the sky seems to be the limit for them. They are clearly visible in the advance booking for the movie, especially in the US

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