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Anushka’s Choker Necklace

Virushka marriage episode is over.  The newlywed couple went to the honeymoon and they returned to India.  It is known that they have planned two receptions for the guests.  First reception is in Delhi and the second reception is in Mumbai.

They have organised reception in Delhi already and PM Narendra Modi also attended the reception.  Anushka appeared extremely beautiful in the red colour saree along with a choker necklace covering her neck completely.  Her necklace has grabbed the attention of all the guests.  The price of the necklace will surely surprise the common people.  The choker necklace costs around Rs. 25 to 30 lakhs.

Anushka’s red colour saree was designed by famous fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.  He revealed that Bengali women wear such type of sarees in marriages.  On the other hand, the second reception will be organised on December 26 in Mumbai.  Several film stars, prominent personalities from business.. politics are going to attend the reception.  Virat-Anushka will be flying to South Africa for their second honeymoon after the Mumbai reception.

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