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Why May 23 Is Special To Nag?

Akkineni Nagarjuna never tries to hide his affection towards his family members, especially towards his father Late. ANR.  As usual, Tollywood King went down the memory lane on the occasion of #4YearsForClassicManam.   It is known that 'Manam' released exactly four years ago and it is regarded as a classic in

Top 3 Directors Of Tollywood

Who said only star heroes charge shocking remunerations? Even star directors are not lagging behind them in charging staggering remunerations.  Though the exact remuneration of Rajamouli is not known, he is one of the highest paid directors in India.  When it comes to Tollywood, he is the numero uno directors

Did Puri Impress Nag After RGV?

There is an advertisement which tests the patience of audience before the start of every movie.. 'Ee nagaraaniki emaindi?'  The situation of Akkineni fans is such that they are thinking about 'Ee Nag ki emaindi?' You may be wondering this is a satire... but the latest gossip from the film circles

Pawan Film Went To Chiru

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has a specialty.  He never approaches star directors to work with him.  He works with the directors who pens a story for him and impresses him with their script.  He doesn't care whether they are star directors or upcoming directors.  Surprisingly, latest talk from the film

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