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How Much Bolly Heroines Pay Their Gym Trainers?

How Much Bolly Heroines Pay Their Gym Trainers?

The glamourous heroines in the film industry offer loads of glamour treat to the audiences but they undergo a lot of physical stress to maintain the physique. Maintain proper fitness and shape involves lot of stress. Being glamourous is not just possible by spending time and money in the beauty parlors but there is much more than that which needs our attention.

These heroines give a lot of importance to the gym workouts and fitness training sessions. Unlike the olden days, the heroines are preferring to spend hours of time in the gyms by appointing special gym trainers. This is the reason for staying fit with no connection to the age. Fitness and Glamour should go hand in hand. Unless that happens, it is impossible for any heroine to make a mark.

It is to be noted that these beauties appoint trainers who travel with them regularly and monitor their fitness levels every now and then. The pay that is being given to these fitness trainers is said to be very high.

The Bollywood heroines pay their trainers in lakhs. Kangana, Deepika, and the other big heroines spend lakhs to the trainers. Sonam Kapoor revealed that she pays 55K per month to her trainer Radhika Karle. Malaika Arora pays 73K  while Anushka pays 73K. Deepika, Alia and Priyanka gets trained from a common person and they pay him 45K per month. Jacqueline and Shraddha Kapoor pays 30K per month each to their trainers.

Along with this, the heroines pose for pictures with them and post them on the social media to give them attention which is an appreciable thing.

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