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Tholiprema In An Elite List

Tholiprema is a classic in Telugu Cinema. It changed the over-the-top commercial cinema and mafia related action, heavy 90’s to look at college dramas and romances in a new light.

It established Pawan Kalyan as the representative of youth from late 90’s and hence, he still enjoys a loyal youth following till date.

When it comes using titles of such classics after 20 years or 10 years for a film, the makers have to be highly careful. Tholiprema is just an example of it.

Before this Mayabazaar, Missamma, Shankarabharanam, Gharshana, Geetanjali titles have been used by makers. To an extent Geetanjali, Missamma and Malliswari became successes and did not spoil the name of makers for using the old classic title.

Mayabazaar, Shankarabharanam, Gharshana unfortunately don’t belong to such category.

Many feared, Varun Tej’s TholiPrema too will end in such list. But it entered the rare elite list where the new film did not spoil the classic title’s name in any sense.

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