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Bigg Boss-2 Sanjana’s Encounter With Casting Couch

Casting Couch has become a routine in Indian Film Industry. We have even seen many actors and mainly, actresses coming out to talk about this practice.

Sanjana, the upcoming Telugu model, and Bigg Boss season-2 contestant also narrated an incident she encountered before going on to the show.

In an interview she said, “A director saw me in one of my modeling assignments and he said he wanted to meet me with an offer. He said in his film, there are two lead heroines and I can be one of them.

శృంగారానికి సై అంటూ స్త్రీ మగాడికి ఇచ్చే సిగ్నల్స్ ఇవే

He asked me to give him dates, when I am available and wanted to meet me.  I thought the dates for his movie and when I asked him, he said, I thought you know much about film Industry. Know about it and call me.

My friends told me he was talking about sexual commitment and I replied back to him that I will slap him, he does it again.

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