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Why May 23 Is Special To Nag?

Akkineni Nagarjuna never tries to hide his affection towards his family members, especially towards his father Late. ANR.  As usual, Tollywood King went down the memory lane on the occasion of #4YearsForClassicManam.   It is known that ‘Manam’ released exactly four years ago and it is regarded as a classic in Telugu films.

Remembering the occasion, Nag tweeted that “I sometimes wonder if it is a coincidence or the universe likes numbers. My father’s LAST film Manam & my FIRST film Vikram released on the same date May 23”.  In another tweet, King Nag became a beloved son of ANR and addressed to him “It’s been four years since #Manam released. I have been thinking of how you made us cry, laugh and finally inspire the family to face life and death!! we think of you all the time NANA and we smile #ANRliveson.”  He went on to share another interesting thing that “Reverse 23 and that becomes 32! My age as an actor.”

Nagarjuna is presently enjoying his holiday trip in European countries.   On the occasion of #4YearsForClassicManam, an unseen poster from ‘Manam’ movie was released.

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